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Bill Diehl

Mr. William Diehl, Principal

The Leo Elementary School Community looks forward to the 2016-17 school-year with great anticipation.  As an “A” rated Indiana school, students entering each of our three grades will experience a new set of learning activities specifically tailored for their grade level. ​​​​​​​​​​

Sixth grade students will learn high-performance teaming concepts in the advanced digital learning environment provided by newly furnished classrooms.   These classrooms represent state-of-the-art technology that fosters group collaboration, critical-thinking skills, and team problem-solving similar to the world of work.  We will provide tours of these rooms during Parent Night at the beginning of the school year.  Of course the renowned PBL “Survivor,” and the fall Chicago Trip are also sixth grade student favorites.

Highlights of the fifth grade include the JA Biztown simulation and the States PBL.  Key field trips have also been selected to provide alternative learning experiences for our fifth grade students. These trips include the Planetarium at St. Francis College, a Fort Wayne Philharmonic concert at the Embassy, and the Indianapolis end-of-year charter trip with excursions to the Children Museum and Lucas Oil Stadium.

Fourth grade students will learn about our native-American ancestors through a fabulous Miami Indians PBL.  We always look forward to the culminating “Feast of the Harvest Moon” pow-wow.  Several other wonderful field trips take place including the Forks of the Wabash , the Fort Wayne Historical Museum, the Allen County Courthouse, and Sauder Village.

All of our students look forward to rich Art, PE, and Music programs highlighted by a spring musical, FAME art projects, and all of popular gym/intramural circuits of archery, climbing wall, table tennis, and cup-stacking. 

Of course it would not be Leo Elementary without the many incentives/rewards for academic achievement at “Flying Aces” assemblies and our trips to Crazy Pinz for “Cosmic Bowling.”  The 2015-16 school-year will be very exciting!

William Diehl, Principal
Leo Elementary School
14811 Wayne Street
Leo, IN 46765
Office (260) 446- 0100 ext. 5301


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